Tucson pedestrian deaths/injuries nearly double

Published: Jan. 5, 2012 at 9:42 PM MST|Updated: Mar. 2, 2018 at 4:20 PM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - More pedestrians are dying or getting seriously hurt on Tucson's streets.

That's why the city is launching a pedestrian awareness campaign, aimed at better education and greater enforcement for those who aren't abiding by Arizona's traffic laws.

Last year, 25 pedestrians were killed or seriously hurt as a result of collisions with vehicles in Tucson.

In 2010 that number was 13.

In 2009, it was just 10.

So what's does it all mean?

That, for whatever reason, both drivers and pedestrians are more distracted and less aware of their surroundings.

Right now there are 110 pedestrian-activated traffic signals at some of the busier pedestrian intersections around town.

The city would like to install more in an attempt to curb some of the pedestrian/vehicle collisions, but the cost for every new system is approximately $125,000.

Good news is the Regional Transportation Authority has allocated funding for nine new pedestrian signals, including the newest one currently at Campbell/Bantam and Speedway/Arcadia.

However the remaining seven signals won't be installed until sometime next year.

That's why patience and total awareness of your surroundings are critically important at all times.

"Just because the light is green and you're in a crosswalk and have the right of way...doesn't mean that you shouldn't look both ways, walk carefully across the street and continue looking while you're crossing the street," says Captain Trish Tracy of the Tucson Fire Department.

Same goes for motorists, many of whom are focusing on everything but the road in front of them.

"They don't seem like they're thinking about anything else but being on the cell phone or being in a hurry," says Carol Lugo, a long-time Tucsonan who walks nearly every day around Reid Park.  "it makes it pretty scary out here sometimes."

The seven remaining pedestrian-activated traffic signals will be installed this year and into 2013.  Here is a list of where they will be located and when they're expected to be completed.

Swan/Third Street--2012

22nd/Lakeshore Lane--2012

Speedway/10th Avenue--2012

Broadway/Old Spanish Trail--2012

Stone Avenue/King Street--2013

Park Avenue/33rd Street--2013

Golf Links/La Poloma Academy--2013

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