Ben's Bells expands to second Tucson location

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - A Tucson treasure is growing.

Ben's Bells now has a new location, in addition to the one near the University of Arizona.

The new combination studio and store is downtown, on Broadway, near Stone Avenue.

Volunteers make Ben's Bells in the studio.

Then the bells are hung around the Tucson area.

If you find a bell, you are free to take it.

The bells symbolize kindness.

Ben's Bells Executive Director and Ben's mom, Jeannette Mare, says that it can take about 10 people to make one bell.

She says someone makes the beads. Someone paints them. Someone strings a bell together.  Someone finds it.

Mare says the bells also symbolize community, connection and working together.

The new location means more of all of that.

"It means we'll definitely produce more Ben's Bells. We'll hang them father and wider. We'll be able to support our school programs more. We have a kind kids program and a kind campus program that are thriving," Mare says.

The "Ben's Bells Project" honors the memory of Mare's son, Ben, who died just before his third birthday.

She has said her family was sustained by the kindness of others.

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