Candlelight vigil held for missing 6-year-old girl

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Dozens of Tucson residents gathered at Freedom Park for a candlelight vigil for 6-year old Isabel Celis, reported missing by her parents, last Saturday.

Isabel's family says they last saw her when she went to bed.  When they woke up on Saturday morning, she was gone.  A bedroom window in her room had been removed.

Four days after she was reported missing, family friends said they had not lost hope.

Dozens of volunteers had fanned out throughout the community and handed out more than 70,000 flyers.  They raised money for posters, banners, and a billboard.

On Tuesday night, they made purple ribbons, lit candles, released balloons, and prayed for her safe return.

Isabel Celis's baseball team, the Diamondbacks played a game in her honor.  Each team-mate had Isabel's team number "4" plastered on their shirts, close to their heart.

They sang the song "You are my sunshine".

Coach and family friend Joe Vega said Isabel's parents, Becky and Sergio Celis were unable to make it to the vigil, but they did have a message for the community of supporters.

Vega read us the statement that he took down over the phone from Sergio Celis.

"On behalf of myself, Becky, and the boys we'd like to thank the Little League community for all their support and on-going prayers.  We can't be there right now, we'd like to, but we can't.  Thank you for all your support."

Vega went on to say that Celis appeared to be in a hurry and had to go,

"They just let him back into the home to get his toothbrush and wallet, they're still probably in the same clothes since Saturday.  This is a really hard time for them," said Vega.

Friends said the last time they saw Isabel was last Friday night.  She was at the ball park with her family, watching her brother play baseball.  Friends said the game started late, and that is probably why Isabel went to bed so late that night.

Family members said they put Isabel to bed at 11 PM on Friday night.  That was the last time they saw her.

Despite the hope and optimism at the park, one mother had a panic attack when she lost sight of her 7-year old child for a few minutes.

Christian Lopez left his mom's side to find candles when Christina Lopez panicked.

"I was so afraid, I had an anxiety attack.  I couldn't breathe.  I am so frightened and fearful at this point," said Lopez.

She added that Isabel's disappearance had many parents and children on edge.  They didn't know how to explain it to their children.

7-year old Christian Lopez said he was afraid.  "I really hope she comes back," said Lopez.
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