Tucson man concerned, says police report misquotes him

Published: May. 25, 2012 at 9:24 PM MST|Updated: Jun. 2, 2012 at 12:41 AM MST
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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The documents Tucson police have released in the Isabel Celis case have a Tucson man wanting to set the record straight.

The six-year-old child was reported missing from her midtown home April 21.

Mark Tronziger coached baseball with Isabel's father, Sergio Celis, and says the police report misstated what he said to detectives.

It's on one page of the more than 550 documents TPD has just released.

Tronziger's son played on the same baseball team with Isabel.

Tronziger had watched KOLD News 13's report Thursday night at 10:00 in which we quoted from the police documents.

"There were a couple of things I felt were said, that I didn't say," Tronziger says.

He says he believes the police report comes from two encounters he had with detectives.

One, a chance meeting in a restaurant where he mentioned his son and Isabel Celis played on the same baseball team.

Tronziger says detectives then asked if they could formally interview him later that day.

The police report states, Tronziger said he "knows him well," referring to Sergio Celis.

Tronziger says he would not have said that.

"The report went on to say that I knew Sergio very well. I didn't know Sergio very well. I knew Sergio strictly through coaching of my baseball team. I maybe met him seven or eight times, if that."

Particularly troubling to Tronziger is the statement in the report: "Mark went on to say that something didn't seem right about what was going on and alluded that he believed that the father was involved in some way."

"Absolutely not true. That's another misquote," Tronziger says.

"We were talking in the context of Isabel running away from home or if there was some kind of foul play, and so my remarks were simply centered around I thought it would be odd that the little girls would run away," Tronziger says.

"To take that statement and morph it into a specific comment on a specific person, is simply not how it transpired," he adds.

Even the words exchanged during the chance meeting in the restaurant have Tronziger wondering.

The police report states, "Mark made it very clear that he wanted to talk to a detective about the case and that he might have some pertinent information."

I asked Tronziger, "Did you say you might have some pertinent information?"

Tronziger answered, "Absolutely not."

"Again, I don't know where that came from because I was told that they wanted to interview me," he says.

Tronziger says what he found interesting happened during the formal interview.

"The interview was never recorded. The officer who was interviewing me...he didn't write anything down. So it's very possible he went back and he started writing in what he thought he heard during that interview, but what he wrote simply was not what was said," Tronziger says.

Tronziger says he has been formally interviewed twice.

The last time was Wednesday, the day before the reports were released.

We believe that interview is not included in the documents that were released.

Tronziger emphasizes he doesn't want to say there were misrepresentations in the report.

He calls them misunderstandings.

As for what he does know of Sergio Celis from coaching with him, Tronziger says, he's "a nice guy. Very helpful with the kids. Very encouraging with the kids."

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