Adopt-a-Street areas still available for 'adoption'

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - All across the city, volunteers have been cleaning up streets and parks for decades, with the non-profit Tucson Clean and Beautiful.

Last year they performed nearly a third of $1 million worth of service.

On Euclid, the Arizona Assurance Club student group has been out cleaning up a mile long stretch of the road for the past year.  They are getting their certificate in the 'Adopt-a-Street' program from Tucson Clean and Beautiful.

They say there are 230 active groups out there cleaning up, but there are still over a thousand areas that are in need of adoption, including streets, parks and washes all across town.

The Executive director of Tucson Clean and Beautiful spoke with Tucson News Now and said there has been a significant wave of volunteers in the past two years; she attributes that to some of the economic negatives that have actually brought about some positives.

People seem more connected to their community, are less self-centered, stated Tucson Clean and Beautiful Executive director.

They are always looking for more crews to volunteer, whether it's a business or a group of neighbors.

For more information on how to sign up, visit  Don't forget about the Adopt-a-Park program either.  Information on that is also located on the Tucson Clean and Beautiful website.

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