Safeway agrees to help sponsor Tucson gun buy back event

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A city leader organizing a gun buy back event has made a big step in his fundraising goals. Safeway has apparently agreed to be a sponsor.

Tucson City Council member Steve Kozachik plans to hold a gun buy back event at a police station. And he says Safeway will pitch in $1,000 to help provide gift cards in exchange for guns.

A woman who survived the January 8th Safeway shooting says it's a step in the right direction. Patricia Maisch took part in the Demand a Plan video urging gun control measures.

She's credited with snatching ammo away from shooter Jared Loughner as he was trying to reload his weapon.

Maisch says an event where police can safely take weapons off the streets may prevent a lot of accidents. 

"It's a start. It will keep guns out of the hands of some children who might get it and shoot their sibling or shoot a visiting child. You know there's been some of that," she said.

Organizers still need to raise $4,000 to make this event happen.

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