More than a dozen TPD officers questioned in sexting investigation

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson News now continues to dig through a 179-page report, highlighting an alleged sexting scandal at the Tucson Police Department

Former police spokeswoman Lt. Diana Lopez was demoted to Sergeant after an internal affairs investigation revealed her participation in sending racy and provocative photos and videos to an officer she was dating last summer.

While Lopez was reduced in rank, what about the others involved in the case?

Internal Affairs documents reveal that at least 15 people were interviewed during this investigation.  What happened to the un-named SWAT team officer who shared the videos sent to him by a girlfriend, with his colleagues.

What about two other un-named policewomen who were also seen in some of the provocative photos, according to internal affairs documents?

The whole investigation stemmed from two anonymous letters that were dropped off at the Tucson Police Department and the City Attorney's office.   Investigators are still trying to figure out who wrote those letters, and they are trying to identify the man seen dropping them off.

According to internal affairs documents the photos and videos show Lopez in provocative and racy poses, at least in one photo she is with two other police women.

While Lopez faced a demotion because of her high ranking role in the department, we dug through the paperwork and found nothing indicating the other women in the pictures were reprimanded or disciplined for their role in the photos.

There is also no paperwork indicating the officer Lopez was dating was disciplined.  Officials tell us some of the names have not been revealed at this time because their cases are still in the grievance process, and are not complete.

Internal affairs documents indicate the officer showed several of his colleagues the racy videos and photos.  Some of the items were viewed by officers traveling to New Mexico on a business trip, during the ride as they passed the phone around.

According to the documents, the only other person besides Lopez, who received a written reprimand in the case is Captain John Stamatopoulos.

Documents indicate he failed to report the incident right away, as he should have.

Another high ranking police officials, Captain Clayton Kidd was also questioned by internal affairs.  Kidd stated he had heard rumors of a "girls gone wild" type of video involving female officers, but he had not seen it.

Documents reveal that Kidd was cleared of all wrong doing in the case.

Most of these alleged acts took place last summer, so why wasn't this reported to authorities sooner?

Interviews by some of the officers who had viewed the videos state, some of them viewed Diana Lopez as a "rising star" in the department, they thought she was "untouchable" with "unfettered access to the chief's office."

We reached out to Police Chief Roberto Villasenor's office for a comment, we were told due to possible legal action by Lopez's attorney Michael Piccarreta, it would be "inappropriate for them to comment at this time."