Tucson neighborhood to get street lights... finally

Alvernon Heights is a small neighborhood of just 180 homes or so.

It sits just south of 22nd Street west of Alvernon.

Some of the homes in the older neighborhood are well kept and nice. Others not so much.

Like many mid-town neighborhoods, it's seen its ups and downs, good times and bad.

Now, seems to be one of the good times.

The county is poised on Tuesday to approve $200,000 in HURF bond money to install street lights.

Since the 1980's, and one neighbor thought since 1987, the neighborhood has wanted street lights.

It was able to get paved streets, sidewalks and curbs, but not the lights.

"Because it's an expense that over the 20 years has gotten out of hand for most people to afford," says Diane Campbell, Vice-President of the Neighborhood Association.

She says years ago the city told them "it would cost in the thousands."

Now, they will get them for free.

Well, almost free.

"Their property taxes will be allocated for "X" number of years to pay for the project," says District 2 County Supervisor Ramone Valadez.

Alvernon Heights sits in his district.

It's also in the city limits.

So an agreement had to be worked out with the city to allow the county to pay for the lights.

The cash strapped city of Tucson approved it.

"Finally after all these years," says Phillip Berry, a long time resident. "It's dark and there's lot's of violence in the neighborhood, drug dealing going on."

Valadez says it "makes a difference in the sense of security but also the security and safety of that neighborhood."

"I'd feel safer walking the sidewalks here in I had lighting," Campbell says.

And it appears she will.