Pickup truck goes airborne captured on video

By Tim Hillen, CNN

A Kentwood man and his truck go airborne and crash into a creek near Lansing, Michigan.

"It was so scary."

Alex Stack is talking about this: incredible video she captured shows the moment a Kentwood mans truck hits an embankment and guardrail and was launched into the air before crashing down into sycamore creek near Lansing..

stack is a western Michigan university freshmen, she was on her way to dance practice in Kalamazoo when she captured the crash.

"He was hitting sings in the median and stuff and like um the car was jumping pretty high. And then I saw him jump over the overpass and the car just disappeared."

Moreland did suffer serious but non-life threatening injuries and was taken to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

the crash happened Friday evening just before 6 p.m.

Police say Moreland was heading west on eye 96 when he went off the highway and traveled into the median for a considerable distance.

after seeing the unbelievable  stack says she was shaken up.

"I was sweating, my heart was beating super fast."

Witnesses told police it appears that Moreland was having some sort of a medical condition before the crash happened and police say alcohol was not a factor in this crash.

"I have never seen anything so scary in my life...I didn't know what to do."

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