Amazing picture of Saturn in real color

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - NASA released a new natural-color image of Saturn seen from space.

This panoramic is as the ringed planet "would be seen by human eyes" says NASA.

This amazing picture was stitched together from images taken by the Cassini spacecraft in July of this year.

Cassini has been circling Saturn since 2004.

Among other instruments aboard Cassini is a visual and infrared mapping spectrometer (VIMS), which is run by a research team at the University of Arizona.

According to NASA his image is made up of "141 wide-angle images to create the panorama. The image sweeps 404,880 miles (651,591 kilometers) across Saturn and its inner ring system, including all of Saturn's rings out to the E ring, which is Saturn's second outermost ring. For perspective, the distance between Earth and our moon would fit comfortably inside the span of the E ring."

More information about Cassini is available at: and .

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