Tucsonans honor victims of Sandy Hook on 1-year anniversary

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucsonans gathered to remember those victims murdered in the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting a year ago.

Families, community leaders and January 8th survivors joined "Moms Demand Action" to honor the victims with bell ringing.

The memorial was held at Catalina Park near 4th Avenue and Speedway. About 50 people attended, holding signs, wearing ribbons and one man even played his violin, calling for change to prevent future violence.

"Gun violence is not something that can happen to somebody else, it can happen to anybody," said Pam Simon, a January 8th survivor.

A few anti-gun control protestors showed up to the vigil.

"No law is going to stop a madman. No law is going to stop someone from getting a gun in the U.S.," Charles Heller, Arizona Citizen's Defense League, said.

At least one man was armed.

"The pistol on my hip is nothing more than an extension of myself. It is a tool and it is the user that determines whether good or evil is done to the community," said an armed man who wanted to be called "Citizen." "I am a law abiding citizen therefore I have nothing to worry about and neither should anyone around here."

"People need to get the message, this isn't going to end until we get some reasonable gun laws. Nothing that takes away people's guns but certainly helps to take them away from people who shouldn't have them," said Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, Tucson's Mayor.

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