Tucson Police begin second day of Isabel Celis patrols

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson Police are beginning the second day of a stepped-up presence in a neighborhood where a Tucson girl went missing nearly two years ago.

Isabel Celis was 6 years old when she disappeared from her home near Broadway and Craycroft in April of 2012.

Tucson Police are putting extra officers in the neighborhood in their ongoing effort to investigate her disappearance.

Authorities are trying a new tactic to get leads; TPD said about 50 commissioned personnel will run special patrols in several blocks surrounding her home on the east side over the next few days.

Tucson News Now spoke with Isabel's parents, Sergio and Becky, on Wednesday: "Baby we're still looking for you, baby. Don't give up and don't give up here. We're still out here, looking. Don't give up. We haven't given up so we hope that she never does, either," Becky Celis said about her daughter, Isabel.

"We have a lot of questions that aren't answered, a lot of things that we wish we could just close the book on. But until then, there's so many things that are left so wide open. You know, they did so much digging right here right here, in our house, right here between me and Becky, into our family, you know, we have already been stripped away from our little daughter and we were violated all over again. And we're hoping that this time around maybe someone else can get the attention. And maybe that, you know, all that strength, and all that force, can go somewhere else and we can really get down to a lot of answers," Sergio Celis said.

Isabel Celis hasn't been seen since Friday, April 20, 2012. Her parents put her to bed that night, and the next day her father, Sergio, noticed she was missing from her bedroom and called police.

The search began that day and continued for more than a week, as police sorted through thousands of potential leads and tips with help from the FBI. Police later came to the conclusion she was abducted, but haven't discussed any solid leads, named any suspects, or made any arrests.

Visit our "Finding Isabel" page that has all of the information on the ongoing investigation: http://bit.ly/1iX0nUA.

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