Tucson Police go digital to help keep the public safe

Tucson Police go digital to help keep the public safe

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Police Department is going digital to help keep the public safe. It is using a new app to learn more about the communities officers serve.

They are utilizing the

app, it is an online or mobile version of a neighborhood watch group.  It is a private social network for neighborhoods that connects residents.

Basically instead of calling each neighbor on the phone and informing them of a problem, they can post something online that each neighbor, who is signed up, can see.

The Nextdoor websites are secure and private password protected communities. In fact about 114 neighborhoods in Tucson have already started Nextdoor websites.

TPD also wants to get involved by posting safety tips and crime alerts for these neighborhoods.  According to the Nextdoor website, two in five posts by neighbors concern public safety issues.

At 10:30 Wednesday morning, TPD officials will be talking about the partnership with

at its west side substation.

Interested in signing up a neighborhood on Nextdoor - go online to

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