City of Sierra Vista, Canyon Vista Medical center partner in recycling

City of Sierra Vista, Canyon Vista Medical center partner in recycling

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The City of Sierra Vista and Canyon Vista Medical Center have partnered to keep 130 tons of paper, cardboard and plastic from landfills, by creating a recycling program.

"Canyon Vista wanted to keep trash and recycling services local," said Dr. Dean French, Canyon Vista Medical Center CEO, in a recent release.

"Choosing the City of Sierra Vista for trash and recycling services was a smart business decision for both our bottom line and the environment."

"We're excited to be entering into this partnership with Canyon Vista Medical Center," said Richard Cayer, operations manager for the City of Sierra Vista, in the same release. "Canyon Vista approached the City and asked if Public Works could handle a volume of recycling as large as theirs. Knowing they wanted to ‘keep it local,' we sharpened our pencils and figured out how to ramp up our operations and reconfigure transportation logistics to make it work."

Recyclables from Canyon Vista will be collected in an on-site compactor, a parcel delivery truck-sized bin that compresses recyclables prior to transport. When the compactor is full, the City will then pick it up and deliver it to the Cochise County Transfer Station on Highway 90, then they will return it to Canyon Vista.

"The five-mile round trip to the Transfer Station takes about 10 minutes," Cayer said, emphasizing Cochise County's cooperation in the project."The County played a huge role in making this happen. Normally, big loads are transported to the landfill on Highway 82, so we'd be making a 40-mile round trip that would take over an hour. Instead, the compactor is back at Canyon Vista in minutes."

Time is a concern, since Canyon Vista's recycling will be shut down while the compactor is being emptied. And when the cost of diesel fuel is calculated—both in terms of dollars spent and the carbon emissions—depositing recyclables at the Highway 90 location is good for the environment as well as the balance sheet for both the City and Canyon Vista Medical Center.

"Adding recycling service was the right decision," French said."“The environmental impact is significant, and the cost savings help Canyon Vista operate more efficiently."

"We're growing our commercial recycling services each month," said Brenda Foote, management analyst and recycling coordinator for the City. Recycling reduces the amount of trash, which can mean smaller containers or fewer pick ups, and that means lower operational costs for businesses.

"When a business considers how much of what they discard can be recycled, the numbers make good financial sense," Foote said.

Large and small commercial businesses in Sierra Vista that are interested adding recycling service can contact Ms. Foote at (520) 458-5775.

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