List of worst cities for allergies in the U.S.

List of worst cities for allergies in the U.S.

One of the reasons you moved to Arizona might've been to get away from your allergies from out east.  While Arizona doesn't have an abundance of tree and grass pollen, it has plenty of ragweed and dust, two very common allergens.

So, where does Tucson rank among the "worst cities for allergies" list?  I found a study from

in 2013 & a study from

in 2014.  Both used data from the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, and both shared 7 of the top 10 cities.

The list was based on

1. Pollen scores

2. Number of board certified allergists per 10,000 patients

3. Number of allergy medications used per patient

First, here is the 2014 top 10 "worst cities for allergies"

1.) Louisville, KY

(#4 in 2013)

2.) Memphis, TN

(#5 in 2013)

3.) Baton Rouge, LA

(#7 in 2013)

4.) Oklahoma City, OK

(#10 in 2013)

5.) Jackson, MS

(#2 in 2013)

6.) Chattanooga, TN

(#9 in 2013)

7.) Dallas, TX

8.) Richmond, VA

9.) Birmingham, AL 

10.) McAllen, TX

(#6 in 2013)

Tree pollen and mold are major culprits for allergies in the Southeast.  Ragweed and dust are potent enough in Arizona to still put Tucson and Phoenix in the top 100...

...72.) Phoenix, AZ
73.) Tucson, AZ

Although Tucson is listed as #73, every year can be different.  We've had an incredibly warm and a wetter than normal winter, which contributes to a worse allergy season for Tucson in 2015.

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