Tucson equine artist commissioned for Kentucky Derby art

Tucson equine artist commissioned for Kentucky Derby art

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Carole Andreen -Harris is an artist with a specialty in horses.

"I was a horse-crazy girl who didn't have access to horses very much, and I channeled that into drawing,” Andreen-Harris said.

Andreen-Harris, first a Minnesota native and now long-time Tucsonan, has been painting since high school and in recent years she's been putting more energy into her art as a profession.

Her work has been featured at the Rillito Park Race Track and the Del Mar Track in San Diego.

But her latest commission now appears on bottles of bourbon whiskey, nationwide.

"I call it the 'big commission' or the 'bc' because I couldn't tell anybody about it for four or five months," Andreen-Harris said.

She has posted her work on her website,

, and that's how bourbon maker Woodford Reserve found her.

They called Andreen-Harris in September to ask her to create a label for its limited edition Kentucky Derby commemorative bottle.

"They gave me some broad parameters but they did give me some specific ideas as far as colors and composition and also particulars on wanting Churchill Downs on the background," Andreen-Harris said.

For her it was an honor, not just as an artist and a equine enthusiast but as a Tucsonan too.

"It makes me very proud because I love Tucson and I've been here for over 30 years and it's home and even though it's far-removed from Blue Grass country or it feels like it is sometimes, the connection is there," Andreen-Harris said.

Come Saturday when the derby begins, countless people will see the label that has a Tucson touch.

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