Poll: Support grows for Obamacare

Poll: Support grows for Obamacare

More people are in favor of Obamacare than against it. That's the finding of a new CBS News poll.

Forty-seven percent of people polled support the law, and forty-four percent do not support it.

This is the first time in CBS's polling that the results look like this, with a higher percentage of people supporting the law. The Affordable Care Act has been generally unpopular among Americans since it became law, but it has gotten more popular with time.

This poll comes out just before the Supreme Court is scheduled to issue a ruling that could deal a big blow to the Affordable Care Act.

The court could rule, as early as Thursday, that it's illegal for the federal government to give subsidies to people who signed up for health insurance on Healthcare.gov. The ruling would affect about 6.5 million Americans, including 126,000 people in Arizona. People in Arizona would have to pay an average of $158 dollars for their premiums, or else they will lose their health insurance.

The poll also found 70% of people think the Supreme Court should allow people to keep subsidies.

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