Spencer Canyon Campground reopens

Spencer Canyon Campground reopens

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Spencer Canyon Campground on Mt. Lemmon has been reopened to the public after two possible mountain lion sightings earlier this week closed the grounds.

Forest officials investigated into sightings, but found no conclusive evidence of mountain lion activity, according to a news release.

Officials want to remind visitors that the Coronado National Forest is home to many species of wildlife, and to avoid attracting or interacting with any wild animals.

Some tips for campers:

- Thoroughly clean cooking utensils.

- Keep all food and trash secured away from the sight and smell of wildlife.

- Do not take any odorous items into tents. This includes food, beverages, strongly scented personal hygiene products and clothing worn when cooking food.

Campers are urged to use "situational awareness," during their activities on Mt. Lemmon.

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