Purrs For Autism

Purrs For Autism

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The bond between an owner and his or her pet is a bond like no other.

The program is called Purrs For Autism and it is a new program that is hoping the bond between a few compassionate cats and children with autism can prove to be educational and calming.

Purrs for Autism is a new partnership between the Autism Society of Southern Arizona and Hermitage No Kill Cat Shelter.

The new program will bring together children living with autism and the shelter's most sociable and loving cats.

There are several additional programs that the shelter offers, check them out here.

Kevin Adger has more on Purrs for Autism on KOLD News 13 and Fox 11 Daybreak. Follow him at @K_Adger_TNN for some behind the scenes looks at the shelter and its furry friends.

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