Tucson City Council asks gun dealers to follow Brady Bill code of conduct

Tucson City Council asks gun dealers to follow Brady Bill code of conduct

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - "What I remember first and foremost that day is how normal it felt," said Lisa Kaiser. "We were having a midterm and I had studied well."

But right as the exam started, a fellow student entered the classroom and began shooting.

Kaiser, a nurse practitioner, said she will never forget the day a fellow University of Arizona student killed three professors before turning the gun on himself in 2002.

Thirteen years later on Wednesday, Sept. 9, she stood in front of the Tucson City Council to advocate for stricter gun control.

"It's never been about gun control," she said. "It's always been about gun violence prevention."

A former licensed gun dealer, who now works with Arizonans for Gun Safety, stood with Kaiser, and told council members he has seen loopholes in the laws firsthand.

These loopholes allow gun dealers to sell guns to those who have not yet cleared the background check, he said.

"Are guns getting into the wrong hands every day? They are, we see it...there's tragedies every day," said Chris Kitaeff, board member for Arizonans for Gun Safety. "Then there's dozens of others we don't see in the media that are happening."

Tucson City Council leaders voted unanimously to support stricter gun control with a memorial resolution Wednesday night, and are asking licensed gun dealers to abide by the Brady Bill code of conduct.

The bill includes the following:

  • Asking gun dealers to work to prevent sales to straw purchasers, or those buying guns for others.
  • Asking dealers not to sell guns until results of a background check are in - right now a loophole allows dealers to sell at will if the results come back as "delayed."
  • Asking dealers to train workers to spot risky buyers.
  • Working with police to prevent criminal access to firearms by doing things such as recording all transactions.

A local NRA spokesman called this move by city council a big waste of time.

"It's just nonsensical distraction by people like Steve Kozachik, who has no authority over firearms," Todd Rathner said. "We got a city full of potholes, we're losing cops, we have a Sun Tran strike and they're fiddling around with nonsensical memorial resolutions that does absolutely nothing about crime."

NRA members said there are already more than 10,000 gun laws on the books that just need to be enforced by the U.S. government.

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