Inspectors work to keep real dangers out of haunted houses

Inspectors work to keep real dangers out of haunted houses

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - With Halloween less than two weeks away, thousands of people will be visiting haunted houses around Tucson.

Fire inspectors are working to make sure the frights inside those haunted houses are limited to ghosts and goblins.

Tucson News Now tagged along with a fire inspector on Wednesday night during an inspection of Tucson's newest haunted house in Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde Road.

The fire inspector is the first person to walk through a haunted house before its doors open.

Glenn D'Auria explained that he has a big checklist of things to look for during these inspections.

First, he walked through with the lights on, before walking through again in the dark to make sure all the safety procedures apply.

D'Auria looked at everything from the lighting and safety exits, to emergency doors and obstructions that could make someone trip on their way out.

The goal is to make sure the haunted house attendee's nightmare ends when they walk out the last door.

"It's an unfamiliar environment," he said, "because you have obstructions that [are] sort of like a maze. There's more chance of people getting injured."

Greivesley RavenHearse, owner and performer at RavenHearse Mansion said safety is extremely important.

"We make sure there's nothing dangerous here," he said. "Anything that's constructed is solid, so it's not going to fall on anybody."

D'Auria said in the past eight years, they have only had to shut down one haunted house. It was at a local YMCA, and it was shut down because all of the sprinklers had been covered in plastic, posing a huge fire hazard.

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