The reason behind global warming explained

The reason behind global warming explained

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Earth's temperature has risen 1.4° Fahrenheit since 1880. There are a lot of reasons of why the temperature could have risen or fallen in this time span, but Eric Rosten and Blacki Migliozzi have put together a few graphs to explain the increase in global temperatures.

First we will start off just looking at natural changes occurring to the world. Here is a look at the global rise in temperatures since 1880:

Let's look at how Earth's orbit would have increased or decreased the temperature:

Orbital changes would have no effect on the temperature of Earth.

Here is how solar (sun) changes would affect the temperature:

Once again the sun alone would not change the Earth's temperature.

When looking at how volcano eruptions and the gases they emit, Earth's temperature would have changed very little by the sulfur and Carbon emitted by released in the atmosphere, at least in the last century.

When you combine solar, volcano and orbital changes, they have very little impact to the temperatures we are seeing on the planet.

Let's switch over the human impacts and how we could have changed the Earth's temperature. Here is by taking over land and cutting down the trees:

You might be surprised that this has had very little change in the Earth's temperature. It is because large forests are darker and darker colors hold heat better than lighter colors. This is why there would have been a slight decrease in temperature by deforestation.

Here is a look at just ozone pollution:

Very little change, probably enough to just offset land use.

Now when looking at aerosols (coal burning) our planet's temperature would have decreased dramatically:

But this also does cause acid rain, so this is not good news.

Now let's take a look at greenhouse gases:

Here is where you see what causes our planet's temperature to rise year after year. We continuously add CO2 to the air and our temperatures are constantly rising. our CO2 levels are 40 percent higher than they were 1750.

Human factors combined are the reason why global temperatures are rising. Here is a look at greenhouse gases, aerosols, ozone and land use have had on global temperatures:

Notice how nicely human impacts on the world matches the rise in global temperature change over the last century and a half. When looking at this it is hard to debate the reason why the planet's temperature is rising.

Here are all factors (human and natural) compared to the rise in temperatures of the globe.

It is almost identical to the actual rise of the temperature of the planet.

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