Tucson police target 6 intersections

Tucson police target 6 intersections

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Police Department has accepted a $75,000 gr ant from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety to combat 'aggressive' driving behavior.

"There is a direct correlation between aggressive driving behavior, the frequency of collisions, and the resulting severity of injury and property damage.  Aggressive driving leads to a higher number of collisions with more severe injury and property damage," said Sgt. David Brotherton with the Tucson Police Department, Traffic Section.

The Tucson Police Department is taking the six intersections with the highest number of collisions and conducting traffic enforcement at those locations, specifically (but not limited to) aggressive driving violations.

The six intersections are:

  1. Kolb/Broadway
  2. Speedway/Campbell
  3. Golf Links/Swan
  4. Broadway/Wilmot
  5. Kolb/Speedway
  6. Grant/Alvernon

Enforcement will be conducted somewhere within a half mile of the intersections, or within the intersection itself. The $75,000 grant from Governor's Office of Highway Safety is used for enforcement. There will be three deployments a week. Each deployment (at one intersection) will last three hours and will have four motor officers working it. So each location will get worked once every other week.

The deployments are scheduled to last through May of 2016 and should total 67 deployments. The purpose is to reduce collisions at these specific locations by changing the drivers' aggressive driving habits.

Getting a ticket in these areas will cost drivers. Here is a breakdown of those potential fines:

  • Speeding $207-$421 depending on MPH over the limit
  • Follow Too Close - $227
  • Fail To Yield - $227
  • Fail Stop for Red Light - $337
  • Fail Stop For Stop Sign - $227
  • Seatbelt - $89
  • Child Restraint - $178
  • DUI - Tucson City Court would be able to provide that as there are numerous fees associated (520-791-4216).

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