Better Business Bureau warns against lottery scams

Better Business Bureau warns against lottery scams

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - As the Powerball jackpot continues to climb, convenience stores have seen a steady amount of people coming in to purchase tickets.

But with dollar signs in their eyes, some people may be blind to scams.

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"I have never thought about being scammed. Just come to a reputable place to get tickets," said Shari Garcia, who purchased her first Powerball ticket in six months on Monday.

The Better Business Bureau said scams usually do not happen when lottery tickets are purchased. Instead scammers are preying on people after the ticket is purchased.

BBB officials said they have received letters from people saying they were targeted by scammers. The letters state some money has been won, but fees or taxes have to paid first.

The BBB said that is not how lotteries work; it is not necessary to spend money to win money.

"It's thousands of dollars, a lot of times they will send you a check and it has this big number on it and it has a little money extra, all you have to do is send us that little money extra, but really it's a counterfeit check and you are out that money from the bank," said Ryan Foster with the BBB.

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