UA space program adds NASA Mars navigator

UA space program adds NASA Mars navigator

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The University of Arizona Space Program plans to soar to new heights by adding a Mars Navigator from NASA to their staff.

Aerospace Engineer Moriba Jah said he aims to make the UA a world center of research and discovery by focusing on how objects move in space.

When asked why he chose the UA, Jah said he had a connection to the university when he navigated the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

It was built by the UA and it's also the orbiter that carried the high-rise camera that captured images of water on Mars.

He's also been a part of several other missions to Mars.

He said his goal is to keep people safe in space and find a way to predict when objects may collide.

"There is a lack of information out there to help everybody be able to operate safely so one of the main things I'd like to do with the team at the University of Arizona is really be thought leaders and create new field space object behavioral sciences which tries to assess, quantify and predict behavior of all objects in space," Jah said.

The UA said they are excited to have someone of Jah's caliber join their team.

They believe students will gain extensive knowledge under his leadership.

"We are so pleased at the University of Arizona that we are able to attract Moriba Jah here to the U of A for this exciting initiative," Kimberly Andrews Espy, UA senior vice president for research said.

Jah joins the College of Engineering and Office for Research and Discovery.

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