Deadline to register for AZ Presidential Preference Election is Monday

Deadline to register for AZ Presidential Preference Election is Monday
(Source: Citizens Clean Election Commission)
(Source: Citizens Clean Election Commission)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The deadline for Arizona residents to register to be eligible to vote in the Presidential Preference Election is midnight Monday, Feb. 22.

Only those who are registered as Democrats, Republicans or Green Party members may participate in the Presidential Preference Election. According to officials, independent voters who want to participate in this special election must re-register with the Democratic, Republican or Green party. These voters may re-register as independents after March 22.

To learn more about the Presidential Preference Election and register to vote, click here:

Here are a few guidelines for registered Arizonans to remember:

  • Those registered to vote as Democrats, Republicans or Green party members can contact their county recorder’s office and request, in writing, to be added to the permanent early voting list. A signature is required. There is no need to go to the polls.
  • Registered voters can also request, from their county recorder’s office, a one-time early ballot for the presidential preference election. No signature is required for this request.
  • Those registered as independents can temporarily change their registration to Republican, Democrat or Green Party and then request an early ballot for the presidential preference election. After the election, they can change their registration back to independent.
  • The deadline to request an early ballot by mail for the presidential preference election is March 11.
  • Ballot must be in the hands of county recorder’s office by 7 p.m. March 22 (election day) or it will not be counted.
  • Early ballots can also be dropped off any polling place within a registered voter’s county or at the county recorder’s office before or on election day.
  • If you request an early ballot, you have to use it. If you decide to show up to the polls on March 22 without your early ballot, you will be issued a provisional ballot while your other ballot is reconciled.

To register to vote click here.

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