Former track coach sues woman he's accused of stalking

Former track coach sues woman he's accused of stalking

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A former University of Arizona track coach who's accused of harassing and stalking a student he coached is now suing that woman.

Craig Carter and his wife Jo-Anne filed a countersuit in February stating the student caused them emotional distress.

According to this lawsuit, the Carters said the student provided false statements.

The documents allege the student made statements such as "this was never a consensual relationship" and that Carter was an "abusive coach."

The lawsuit states those statements put the Carters in a false light and caused them emotional distress.

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The Carters claim they received medical and professional care based on the actions of that student athlete.

The lawsuit also alleges Carter and the student had a consensual relationship for three years, then she ended it when she graduated.

It states during the time of the relationship, she knew Carter had a wife and still allegedly pursued him knowing this could be damaging to his wife, family and career.

The lawsuit alleges when Carter tried to end the relationship, she sent him explicit messages, pictures and videos in an effort to keep the relationship going.

The student athlete's attorney, Michael Bloom, said he was surprised they filed a counterclaim, but he and his client aren't backing down.

"As a student athlete in this circumstance it is very difficult to summon the courage to come forward and to participate in a prosecution, and the student athlete in this case has done that. And she is not going to be intimated and she is not going to be shamed. She is going to pursue this," Bloom said.

The lawsuit doesn't state how much the Carters are suing for, instead it states the amount will be proven at trial.

Tucson News Now spoke to the Carters' attorney John Munger, but he said he does not comment on ongoing cases.

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