Presidential preference election causing confusion among voters

Presidential preference election causing confusion among voters

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - More than 1.2 million registered voters in Arizona won't be able to cast their ballots for Tuesday's presidential preference election.

By law, only voters registered with democratic, republican or green parties can vote in the presidential preference election.

Independents are not eligible to cast their ballots.

The Pima County Recorder's Office said this causes a lot of confusion every presidential election.

"Voters are confused. They really don't know what they're supposed to do," said Elenor Leon.

Leon, a registered independent, was told she could not vote on Tuesday.

"I came in to make sure my son's voting status was OK'd for tomorrow. We were ready to vote tomorrow. I didn't know I could vote early and we were excited. But I was turned away today because I'm considered an independent," Leon said.

F. Ann Rodriguez, Pima County recorder said they've tried to create awareness months in advance, but are still getting many calls regarding this issue.

"There were a lot of voters that were independent that got the message and got it and they reregistered as a republic, democrat or green. so they could participate in the presidential preference election tomorrow. And they'll switch back afterwards," Rodriguez said.

There is a bill right now that would repeal presidential preference elections.

Rodriguez agrees the process should be changed.

"Negotiate with the political parties, if there is push back and say 'hey, we're leaving a huge voting block out of the general population that is paying for this election' and I think that is a discussion that needs to be had. And it needs to be had right now," Rodriguez said.

Independent voters who show up to the polls on Tuesday will be issued a provisional ballots.

Rodriguez encourages anyone with questions to call the Pima County Recorder's office at (520) 724-4350.              

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