Tucson students learn communication at Youth and Peace conference

Tucson students learn communication at Youth and Peace conference

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Dozens of people woke up and headed to school on a Saturday. But they weren't sitting in your typical class, learning math and science. Instead they were learning how to effectively communicate with each other.
"I would really like to inspire at least one person because with one person the word can be spread out easier and faster," Roman Martinez, a senior at Alta Vista High School.

Roman Martinez helped put together the fifth annual Youth and Peace Conference. He wants to inspire others to effectively communicate while also respecting others opinions.
Students and adults had a chance to attend different workshops covering topics like bullying, self-worth and consent.
One workshop that seemed to be a hit with attendees involved some glitter and a water bottle and was aimed at relieving stress.
"We shake it up and we watch the pretty colors and they dissolve. Because what it is, is it's our problems. And they start to relax, and the glitter settles down to the bottom. And that's the same thing with our stress. Sometimes it is crazy, and we don't know what to do. And we start to figure out what will help our stress, and our stress will start to leave, and we will relax," said Myles Gantt, an 8th grader at Challenger Middle School.
Gantt says taking that split-second before reacting will lead to better outcomes. 

 "Breathing will help you," he said.
That's the goal for conference organizers, to get young adults to think before they react and communicate their thoughts in a peaceful way. Because organizers said sometimes the world isn't so nice.
"It is crazy and its mean and its hateful. And that's not the way we want kids to grow up. We want them to be in a peaceful, kind world, and this is hopefully the start," said Beki Quintero, board member for Sunnyside School District.

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild named April 5 Youth and Peace Day.

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