Police: Please stop calling drug dealer's phone

Police: Please stop calling drug dealer's phone

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A police department in Ohio is gaining a reputation for its tongue-in-cheek take on law enforcement.

The Alliance Police Department has a string of Facebook posts that have gone viral.

First, there was a post about a traffic stop involving roaming raccoon.

Next, they shared a story about a man who got a officer's help to find a bit of marijuana lost in his yard.

But they may have outdone themselves with a recent post about a drug bust.

The APD's message can be found below:

"PLEASE STOP CALLING Steve Notman's cell phone. He was arrested tonight by SIU detectives….again…. for ALLEGEDLY (on video) selling crystal meth here in Alliance.

We have his phone and are trying to read all your texts requesting drugs and going through all of his contacts (with his permission) but you keep calling and texting and it's really annoying.

First of all, he is all out of drugs for tonight. Secondly you don't need to call – we will come to you soon enough. Oh, and his ringtone is terrible! Thank you so much for your patience.

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