JTED celebrates graduates and success of Prop 123

JTED celebrates graduates and success of Prop 123

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Hundreds of JTED students and loved ones gathered at the Tucson Convention Center for the "program completion" ceremony Friday, May 20.

A total of 560 students who completed at least two consecutive years within the JTED program received certificates.

But celebrations extend beyond just the newest JTED graduates. Educators, students and other officials are celebrating the apparent passing of Proposition 123.

The Pima County JTED program will receive about $800,000 with the passing of the proposition. About 17,000 students from across the county were enrolled in a JTED course this year.

With the growing number of students, officials said the funding from Prop 123 is a step in the right direction.

"We'll be able to give teachers pay raises that we haven't given in two years. We've had no money to do that. Between getting the funding restored from the legislature and now prop 123, were almost back to where we were two years ago," said Alan Storm, superintendent for Pima JTED,

Sophia Gonzalez, a graduate of Ironwood Ridge High School received her certificate after two years of extra classes and work. She said she happy to hear others will be able to enroll in JTED programs like her with funding from Prop 123.

"It gives kids an opportunity to have like a career right out of high school. So I think it's awesome that it passed and I'm super excited to see other kids take the same programs as I did because I learned a lot, I met awesome people and I'm excited about my future and I know they will be too, " Gonzalez said.

JTED classes are offered at various districts across the county.

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