Auto experts: Now is time to repair cracked windshields

Auto experts: Now is time to repair cracked windshields

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - With mild temperatures this week, AAA experts are encouraging people with cracks or chips in their windshield to get them repaired now.

Since temperatures can get up to more than 120 degrees in a car, those cracks could spread, causing drivers a big headache.

Dwight Lopez, owner of Dwight's Glass & Tint, said if the crack is longer than a credit card or in the line of sight for the driver, the windshield needs to be replaced.

If not, a 15-minute repair can be done.

"It can spread and it can be considered a hazard, especially in the state of Arizona," he said. "On the driver's side or anywhere on the windshield, you can get a ticket."

As people prepare themselves for the Tucson heat, they should also be aware of scammers who are trying to take advantage of drivers.

A windshield repair is much cheaper than a windshield replacement.

Some companies will scheme, so the windshield gets replaced instead of repaired, which is money in their pockets.

"They get paid on commission and sometimes it is not even the companies, it's the sales person, and they are really pushy and they want to get the higher commission for the replacement, so you have to be careful with that," Lopez said.

Lopez said even though a chip gets repaired, there is still a potential it could spread.

To prevent the spread of crack, AAA experts recommend drivers avoid slamming the doors when entering or exiting the car, as slamming doors will put added pressure on the windshield.

They also advise drivers to not blast their air conditioning, since the temperature difference between the temperature of the interior and exterior of the windshield will have a negative impact on the integrity of the windshield.

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