TUSD to change sex education curriculum

TUSD to change sex education curriculum

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Unified School District is making changes to its sex education curriculum.

The board voted Tuesday night, June 14, to change the curriculum, but is now seeking input from parents.

As for why the TUSD board approved the policy change, board president Adelita Grijalva says a youth advocacy group approached the board six months ago asking for more from the sex ed program.

After reviewing the Family Life Education curriculum, which includes sex, the board changed wording in regards to how parents approve permission for students to take these classes.

The revised policy requires parents to opt into the sex ed courses instead of opt out of them.

Last night, a resolution that criticizes the state's policy to not promote homosexuality was on the TUSD board agenda.

The board decided to not vote on it and hold it for a later date.

A TUSD spokeswoman said now the district will work with the community to come up with a curriculum program.

They will hold meetings and focus groups so the public can voice their opinion on how they move forward with this while making sure parents are still comfortable.

The dates of those meetings have not yet been released.

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