Tucson develops draft of Bike Boulevard Master Plan

Tucson develops draft of Bike Boulevard Master Plan

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The city of Tucson has developed a master plan for a network of bike boulevards throughout the city.

Bike boulevards are shared roadways that have been modified with a crossing, signs and other markings to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

This master plan would enhance 193 miles of residential streets in Tucson, through 63 residential corridors.

"The whole goal of the bike boulevard network is to make it more convenient, more safe, more accessible for people all ages and abilities to use a bike or walk to get across town," said Andy Bemis, bicycle and pedestrian planner for the City of Tucson department of transportation.

Cyclists like Eric Jonhsen said a network of bike boulevards would help ease some of his concerns about safety and also get more people to hop on a bike.

"I think it would encourage a lot more people to ride bikes if they could feel safer and they have good reason for not feeling safe when you're basically eight inches away from a car going 40 mph," Johnsen said.

There are two corridors that already exist at Third Street/University Boulevard and Fourth Street/Fontana Avenue.

Aside from these two, there is a list of 63 prioritized corridors. The first eight on that list are currently in progress. They include:

  • Liberty/San Fernando Avenues
  • Fifth Street/Treat Avenue
  • Copper/Flower Streets
  • Ninth /Eighth Streets
  • Ninth/Castro Avenues
  • Sahuara Avenue

The Regional Transportation Authority has provided full or partial funding for these eight corridors.

The rest of the funding of this $31.7 million project has not yet been secured and the city said various agencies could provide that funding.

The City seeking public input on this plan through the end of August before it heads to Mayor and Council for a vote.

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