Deadline to register to vote in partisan primary is Aug. 1

Deadline to register to vote in partisan primary is Aug. 1

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The deadline to register for the partisan primary is Monday, Aug. 1.

Even if you've been registered for years, officials say voters need to make sure that their information is up to date.

Pima County has a new online search option where you can put in your name and driver's license number to make sure all your ducks are in a row.

If you've moved, you still need to fill out a registration forms to make sure you're eligible to vote.

According to the state, at last check – there were more than half a million people registered to vote in Pima County.

That's only about half of the county population.

Right now, the Pima County Recorder's Office is getting an average of about 1,000 registration forms each day.

That number is expected to spike to about 5,000 forms a day as the presidential election inches closer.

The deadline for that is Oct. 10.

However, the Pima County Recorder's Office said it's easier to get things taken care of now, that way if there are any discrepancies, voters have time to correct them.

"A lot of people who have not registered before are wanting to take part in those elections, the primary happening right before it just tends to draw a lot…It's better to get all the issues resolved well in advance so that we send you a new card, you get your confirmation long before the cut off for the presidential election," said Chris Roads, Pima County deputy recorder and registrar of voters.

For new voters, there are a couple of different ways to register:

  • Complete the registration online here:
  • Or here: and click the link for “EZVoter." You must have your current address with MVD before using this option.
  • Forms are available at multiple locations throughout the county: any Pima County Recorder’s office, any Arizona Motor Vehicle Division branch, all post offices and libraries, political party headquarters and city/town halls.
  • Voters can also download a form directly from the Recorder’s website, complete it and mail it in. Just make sure it's postmarked by Aug. 1.

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