NTSB: Driverless cars could save lives

NTSB: Driverless cars could save lives

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The thought of a car driving by itself, while the driver just sits and relaxes received mixed reviews in Tucson on Monday.

Some of the drivers Tucson News Now spoke to like the idea, but others do not trust the technology.

"I guess I really don't trust a machine," said Sarah Schell.

Another driver, Oisin Deery said, "The reaction times like a driverless car if it is designed well would be faster under various kinds of conditions."

On Monday, National Transportation Safety Board chairman Christopher Hart posted a blog about driverless cars. It talked about how self-driving cars could save lives.

Hart said, "driverless cars could save many, if not most, of the 33,000 lives that are lost every year on our streets and highways." It also stated that, ideally it could improve safety concerns, that include fatigue, impairment and distracted driving.
Jonathan Sprinkle is a professor at the University of Arizona. He's been conducting research on driverless cars for 10 years. He believes self-driving cars could save lives.

"I think it's possible when the technology works very well, but when the technology doesn't work, then the human has to take over and that's where we see lots of problems," said Sprinkle. 

Tuesday morning, students from across the U.S. will be showing of their research from this summer on The Cat vehicle. Which is a driverless car. The students have been working with Sprinkle on different ways to improve the technology on driverless cars. The demonstration is open to the public and for some it could a first real look at a driverless car.

The event takes place on Tuesday, Aug. 9 from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. at  UA parking lot No. 3039, next to the Electrical and Computer Engineering building by Second Street and North Palm Drive

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