Marana School District reacts to fundraising letter that appears to threaten students

Marana School District reacts to fundraising letter that appears to threaten students

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Marana Unified School District has reacted quickly to a fundraising note given to Marana High School parents.

The parents of members of the Marana High Girls Volleyball team were very upset because the note demanded at least $250 in tax credits. The money had to be paid by Monday, August 22, or there would be punishment.

That punishment exercise was outlined in the note:

"For every day after the 22nd that an athlete hasn't met the fundraising goal, they will owe me grinders 10+1 per day until  tax credit is received."

Tucson News Now got a tip from a family member of one of the girls and went to the Marana District with our questions.

To read the full note click here.

We reached out to the district about 10 a.m. Thursday. By about 1 p.m., a letter had gone out to parents from Marana High's principal.

A district spokeswoman said the fundraiser is unacceptable. She said all district coaches and staff, not only at Marana High, would be contacted.

She said, "We take this extremely seriously. It's being addressed so all coaching staff clearly understands our (fundraising) process."

The spokeswoman said neither the district nor the school administration knew anything about the note to parents until Tucson News Now called.

The district spokeswoman said she wished a parent or student had contacted the school or the district.

However, at least one family member of a student said the girls feared retaliation that they felt pressured and confused.

He asked to remain anonymous to protect the students.

"She was afraid of reprisals. She was afraid of ostracism. She didn't know what peer pressure was going to be if she didn't succeed in raising the money," the relative said.

The district spokeswoman would not say whether anyone would be disciplined.  However, she did say that the process of talking with all coaches and staff had already begun.

The letter to parents says:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

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