University of Arizona police stress safety as students return to campus

University of Arizona police stress safety as students return to campus

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's back to school for about 40,000 University of Arizona students on Monday, and the UA Police Department is busy ensuring everyone is safe this semester.

The UAPD is asking the 8,000 new freshman to try to get to know their officers.

Campus police say they've got 60 officers available. They urge students to speak up if they see anything suspicious on campus.

This year, police will be looking at the student calendar and bulking up police presence when more students are out during campus events.

"Our biggest issue we have on campus is theft. So we want to make sure that people know to not leave their stuff unattended and not leave their valuables in their cars." said Sgt. Filbert Barrera, public information officer for UAPD.

UAPD says officers will even give rides to students if safety is a concern at any time.

"If you want a ride in the cop car in a good way, you could come get a ride with us. We will come pick you up we will take you anywhere on campus make sure you get there safe. We have officers who ride bikes that will walk with you, officers on foot that will walk with you,"  Barrera said.

The UAPD station is located at 1852 E. First Street.

Here's a list of safety programs, services and apps to download this school year:

1. Safe Ride:

2. LiveSafe:

3. Cat Tran/Night Cat:

4. Sun Link Streetcar:

5. Parking and Transportation Cab Service:

6. UAPD Ride and Escort:

7. LIVESAFE app (download to your mobile phone)

8. UALERT (Sign up online)

9. UAPD Social Media


10. UAPD Hall Liaison Program, each Residence Hall and Greek House has an officer assigned.

11. Campus Health Services:

12. UA Dean of Students:

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