Sister of Kay Read addresses Read's killer in court

Sister of Kay Read addresses Read's killer in court

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The sister of Kay Read on Tuesday addressed the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering Read.

Luis Vargas was convicted of the six charges he faced.

Read is the Tucson Sunday school teacher who went missing eight years ago. She had polio as a child and needed a brace and crutches to walk.

They were found at her empty home in February of 2008. Her van was later found abandoned and burned.

Read's body has never been found.

One of her sisters, Mary Seagle, addressed the court and Vargas, explaining how the disappearance and murder of her sister in 2008 affected her and her family.

She spoke of family members' sadness, anger, depression, and feelings of helplessness.

"I see something or hear something or something one of the kids has done and I want to go to the phone and call her. I catch myself still and it--she's not there and I can't call her," Seagle testified.

She said their mother died less than two years after Read disappeared, never knowing where the body of her daughter was.

More family members will have the opportunity to address the court and Vargas before sentencing next week. They're hoping he tells them where they can find Read's body.

Tuesday, Seagle made an emotional plea in court.

"I forgive you. I don't want anything harmful to happen to you.  I'm not going to let it fester and eat me alive and I hope it doesn't you. And I hope you're okay. But I would really really appreciate--my family would-- if you would just tell us where she's at. Thank you," Seagle said.

Outside the courthouse, another sister, Alice Dailey, said, "We just need her back. Parents aren't supposed to have their children die before them and I'm not supposed to have a younger sister die before me."

John Seagle is Read's brother-in-law and expressed the loss and frustration he feels.

"If something was broke, I could fix it. If something happened to somebody, I could fix it or I would try to fix it. With Kay going missing, I couldn't fix it. I CAN'T fix it and that's really frustrating to me," John Seagle said.

Vargas will be back in court for sentencing Monday, September 12.

His prior felony convictions can be considered.

He faces life in prison.

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