Minnesota mall attack sparks concern over Tucson mall safety

Minnesota mall attack sparks concern over Tucson mall safety

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Safety and security is on the minds of many shoppers after 10 people were stabbed at a mall in Minnesota over the weekend.

"I hope that they're watching and looking out for stuff like that, have appropriate cameras and security measures if something like that ever happens," said Danielle Aliotta, a Tucson shopper.

Tucson News Now reached out to the two biggest malls in southern Arizona about their security measures, and if they were planning to review protocols after the Minnesota attack.

The Tucson Mall's general manager, Jeffery Berger, declined to interview or comment on the safety of the mall's shoppers.

The Park Place Mall is ran by the same company, and also declined to comment.

Tucson News Now decided to do a little shopping of its own to see how much of a security presence there is.

After driving around the mall's parking lot several times, here is what we found out:

For the 7,300 parking spaces at the Tucson Mall, only one security patrol car was driving around.

An empty Tucson Police Department patrol car was parked outside the food court.

Inside the mall, we spotted four uniformed security guards walking around.

They didn't have any visible weapons, but had a  walkie-talkie, a camera and what looked to be mace or pepper spray.

Guards were uniformed with a "Universal Protection Service Security" badge - a separate company from the mall.

Security cameras could be seen around the mall and mall entrances.

When we told shoppers that management had nothing to say about their safety, some were surprised.

"I go to these malls all the time, it's where our friends go, it's where we hang out it's what we do, there's literally nothing else to do in Arizona. So if we go and they don't even have time to answer that question, [that] kind of makes me not want to have time to go there," said shopper Gladys Hernandez.

Natalia Spear said it's hard to feel safe.

"So just more presence or at least responding would be nice, because at least just saying that you care or that you're focusing on it just means a lot, even if we're all on edge," Spear said.

Management at the Foothills Mall has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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