Local non-partisan political expert weighs in on Presidential Debate

Local non-partisan political expert weighs in on Presidential Debate

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Tucson News Now watched the presidential debate on Monday night alongside, non-partisan, University of Arizona Political Science professor, Samara Klar. Klar specializes in American Political Behavior.

In Klar's opinion Trump beat expectations and was stronger. Meanwhile she said she thought Clinton performance was average.

Klar said Clinton was not aggressive enough and should have interjected more during the debate. When Trump said he got a small loan from his father when he was younger, she didn't stop him or fact check.

She said a strength of Trump was that he focused on Clinton's past failures as secretary of state and that in his opinion she hasn't done enough to create jobs. Klar said because Trump doesn't have a political record, it makes it hard to compete against him. She thought Clinton's strong point was having specific examples with her policies. Klar was surprised there were not more personal attacks.

"I was surprised he didn't bring up her past more or wasn't a little dirtier – and I was surprised that she wasn't more aggressive," said Klar. "He was saying things that the audience knows to be untrue and she just stood there and waited for her turn to respond."

Klar thought it was interesting that Trump wore a blue tie, while Clinton wore red. She believes future debates between the two candidates will get more personal and more heated.

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