Why is the adult smoking rate at a historic low in Arizona?

Why is the adult smoking rate at a historic low in Arizona?

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Arizona's adult smoking rate is at a record low according to new numbers released by the Centers for Disease Control
Judith Gordon, Ph.D., a researcher and a professor in the department of family and community medicine at the of University of Arizona has been studying the downward trend for years.
She has interviewed smokers and nonsmokers throughout her research and agrees with the CDC's findings. She explained the reason why the smoking rate is d ropping is due to "a combination of factors."

"One of the main reasons is because of policies regarding tobacco," she said.

"When you increase the price of cigarettes, it's one of the most effect methods for getting people to reduce their use of cigarettes," she said crediting the rise in tobacco taxes.

Gordon also credited more businesses leaning towards smoke-free work places.
"When you don't see people smoking around you, you're less likely to smoke as well," she explained.

Other factors include smoking has becoming "less cool" and that prevention efforts are better funded.

"We've gotten really good at helping people to quit smoking," said Gordon. "In Arizona, we've done a great job at taking the money we have in the state earmarked for smoking-related activities and we really put those dollars towards helping smokers to quit."
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