New program to offer TUSD high school students paid internships

New program to offer TUSD high school students paid internships

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - High school students in the Tucson Unified School District will soon be able to take part in paid summer internships.

TUSD started a pilot program last year where they focused on putting students to work in the automotive industry.

They teamed up with the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce to try to get students to stay in Tucson after they graduate.

Now, the program is expanding to other industries including health care, hospitality, industrial, electrician, sports medicine and culinary arts.

During the pilot program, the eight students who participated received job offers after the completion of the internships.

Some companies even offered to pay to further their education.

"They come out debt-free with a job and that's just unheard of these days," said H.T. Sanchez, superintendent of TUSD.

Austin Hussey, a senior at Catalina High School who is currently taking a culinary class, said he was considering becoming a lawyer after high school so he could afford culinary school, but this opportunity could change his life.

"This class set me up for pretty much what I want to do in the future," he said. "If I could get schooling paid for and get an internship that would be lovely, I would take the opportunity right away."

Educators and business owners are looking for students like Hussey, who are passionate and hardworking, to take part in their internships.

They said they are only accepting five students for each industry.

If you are a junior or senior and interested in participating, talk to your teacher and let them know you are interested.

The Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce is also looking for more businesses to offer these internships.

If you're interested, give the chamber a call at (520) 792-1212.

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