A White Christmas for Town of Oracle

A White Christmas for Town of Oracle
(Source: Faith Buelna)
(Source: Faith Buelna)

TUCSON, AZ - People living in or visiting the Town of Oracle, located about 35 miles north of Tucson, woke up to a White Christmas on Sunday, Dec. 25.

It's estimated about two inches fell Christmas Eve and stuck the next morning.

Tucson News Now talked to one mom who was on her way home from dinner with her kids when the snow started to fall hard.

"We have four-wheel drive so it wasn't bad, but we saw some cars spin out," said Faith Buelna. "It was scary for people who don't have four-wheel drive."

By 5 p.m. Christmas Day, the snow had significantly melted, but that didn't stop her daughters from jumping in what was left of it.

"I felt really happy," said her 12-year-old. "I was surprised there was snow. I got to play in it. It was really fun!"

Meanwhile, her 5-year-old was busy throwing snowballs at a cactus.

"It's so neat because you get to see the beauty of the desert, plus the snow. So we get two in one. It's so nice out here," Buelna said.

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