Workers weigh in on minimum wage increase

Workers weigh in on minimum wage increase

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Business owners and employees are feeling the effects of Prop 206.

Back in November, Tucson voters approved a minimum wage increase to $10 an hour.

It will continue to increase to $12 an hour by 2020.

As a result, many business owners have had to increase prices, cut store hours and even lay off staff.

But not everyone is seeing the increase as negative.

"I think that it was time for minimum wage increase because people can't live off $8 an hour," said Coree Holman a local hair stylist.

Many employees are happy about their bigger paychecks.

"I think that it is going to help out a lot for people. We have a lot of single moms, and they are going to get more money. It's helping them," said Korina Quinlan, a server.

However, the increase is causing frustration for some employees who have worked years to make the same amount a brand new employee will make on their first day.

"I've been working here for two years and now they are going to be getting exactly what I made," Quinlan said. "I didn't get any raises. I wish it would like up everyone else that's been working here; that they would get a higher raise as well."

Others say employers are going to have to lay off the lesser qualified workers.

"I know that it is going to raise the expectations for some of these jobs, and it's only going to go up even more over the next [few years] so I feel like it is going to be a little more competitive," Holman said.

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