Caught on camera: Tucson woman's phone catches fire

Caught on camera: Tucson woman's phone catches fire
(Source: Brianna Olivas)
(Source: Brianna Olivas)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Video of a Tucson woman's new cell phone smoking and melting has caught figurative fire on social media. Footage posted to the Twitter account "@briannaolivas_" shows Brianna Olivas' new iPhone 7 Plus fuming as it sits on her boyfriend's bathroom counter.

Olivas said there were no problems moments before when her phone was charging, connected to the power cable, on the bed near her pillow. She was just waking up as her boyfriend, Jesse Vazquez, unplugged it from the cord and placed it on the bedside table. Vazquez said he went to the bathroom, heard it sizzling, and saw it erupt in flames and smoke.

They were quickly able to get the phone to the sink, away from danger and flammable objects. Olivas believes it was an issue with the battery and is considering herself lucky.

"I always sleep with my phone right next to me. If he wouldn't have moved that this could've been a whole lot worse," she said.

The couple only took footage of the sizzling phone after it was out of harm's way.

"Instantly I had to record it, as well, because I've never seen an iPhone blow up and act in that manner," Vazquez explained.

Olivas said she took the iPhone to a Sprint store nearby the day before, where she said they ran diagnostics and determined there were no issues with the phone or battery. She said there were no cracks or dents on the body of the phone, and that the phone did not come into contact with water.

She took her mangled iPhone 7 Plus to the Sprint corporate store near the Tucson Mall after the fire happened Wednesday. She said the store employees were stunned by what had transpired and gave her a new phone.

A call to Apple's corporate media line went unanswered, but customer service representatives told Olivas they are investigating the cause.

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