UPDATE: Four facing charges in brutal death on Pima County baby

UPDATE: Four facing charges in brutal death on Pima County baby
Brianna Raidy. (Source: Arizona Department of Corrections)
Brianna Raidy. (Source: Arizona Department of Corrections)
Kylie Marie Brewer. (Source: Pima County Sheriff's Department)
Kylie Marie Brewer. (Source: Pima County Sheriff's Department)
Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr. (Source: Pima County Sheriff's Department)
Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr. (Source: Pima County Sheriff's Department)
Kaylie Ryan Gossett. (Source: Pima County Sheriff's Department)
Kaylie Ryan Gossett. (Source: Pima County Sheriff's Department)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Most of the confusion over charges in connection with the Feb. 19 death of a baby has been cleared up, thanks to information from the Pima County Attorney's Office

According to the PCAO, Kylie Marie Brewer, Jon-Paul Bogdanowich Jr. and Kaylie Ryan Gossett are facing charges of first-degree murder and felony child abuse. The three were initially only facing the abuse charges.

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According to a check of the Pima County Jail roster, Brewer, Bogdanowich and Gossett were not in custody as of 5 p.m. Friday. They are scheduled to appear back in court on Monday, April 17.

Brianna Raidy will also likely facing charges in connection with the death of Brewer's 6-month-old child Wyllow. Raidy failed to show up for court Thursday, March 16, and a warrant was issued for her arrest. It is unclear what charges she'll face.

According to documents from the Arizona Department of Corrections, Raidy was convicted on a theft charge in 2014 and was sentenced to 1 year in prison.

The case got confusing Thursday afternoon when a spokeswoman for the Arizona Superior Court in Pima County told Tucson News Now Brewer, Bogdanowich Jr. and Gossett were facing murder and abuse charges. We were also told they had pleaded not guilty and bonded out.

Less than 2 hours later, the spokeswoman said the charges may be incorrect and asked we retract the story.

Brewer, Bogdanowich, Gossett and Raidy are accused in a disturbing case of child abuse.Doctors said Wyllow was bruised, bloodied and had multiple arm and leg fractures, including a right arm that was "grossly" displaced.

The 19-year-old Brewer and 18-year-old Bogdanowich were arrested Tuesday, Feb. 28, while Gossett, 22, was arrested the next day.

A week before Wyllow's death, the Pima County Sheriff's Department was called to the home to do a welfare check.

According to the court documents, Wyllow's biological father requested the check after Brewer allegedly posted about injecting drugs on social media. The deputy found that Wyllow was clean and appeared to be in good health at at time.

Wyllow's condition was very different Feb. 19, the day she died at a local hospital.

Doctors told investigators the 6-month-old had bruises on her head, blood in her mouth and nose, fractures on both arms and legs, a right arm that was "grossly" displaced and her skin had started to marble.

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Brewer claims she was hospitalized with pneumonia from Feb. 16-18 and Gossett and another woman were babysitting her child. Brewer said Gossett usually babysat five to six days out of the week.

Brewer and Bogdanowich both claimed Wyllow had bruises on her head, bite marks and a cut between two weeks to a month ago.

Brewer said she never reported Gossett for these injuries because she was threatened by Gossett and claimed Gossett wouldn't allow her to see Wyllow sometimes.

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She also said Gossett threatened her and said she would tell police, the landlord, and the Department of Child Services if Brewer ever reported the bruises.

However, Gossett told deputies she told Brewer on several occasions to take Wyllow to the emergency room.

Deputies found a wooden pipe, digital scale and needles with unknown substances in the home. Brewer and Bogdanowich admitted to using meth on Feb. 14.

Gossett admitted to selling drugs but said she did not sell when she was taking care of the child.

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