'Deja vu' for Richard Pryor Jr. as he too shoots movie at Old Tucson

'Deja vu' for Richard Pryor Jr. as he too shoots movie at Old Tucson
Mark Hannah, director. (Source: Tucson News Now)
Mark Hannah, director. (Source: Tucson News Now)
(Source: Avondale Pictures)
(Source: Avondale Pictures)

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - "Stir Crazy" is one of those movies so many of us have seen. Did you know a lot of it was filmed in Tucson?

And now a family tradition continues as the son of Richard Pryor comes to the Old Pueblo where crews are shooting a new film at Old Tucson.

You might not recognize him, but you'll definitely know his name. Richard Pryor Jr. is the son of comedic and acting legend Richard Pryor. The younger Pryor is on location in Tucson and at Old Tucson where filming is under way for "The Faith Club."

"I play a judge," Pryor said before shooting his scene as a judge getting ready to "throw the book" at a couple of defendants.

A fitting role considering it was a judge that brought us that famous scene from Stir Crazy, and his dad's reaction when the judge sentenced him and Gene Wilder's character to 125 years in prison. In true Pryor fashion he yells back, "Have you got the right case?"

Much of the movie, released in 1980, was filmed in Tucson. Now, nearly 40 years later, Richard Pryor Jr. is retracing his father's famous footsteps.

"It's a deja vu kind of feeling almost. It's like walking the same footsteps as someone who did the exact same thing. That's what I'm excited about as well."

The star of the film, Aaron Mees, also has a personal connection to Old Tucson. Originally from Phoenix, he has family in Tucson and is back on familiar ground.

"I haven't been here since I was a young teenager and it's nostalgic for one, but also a legendary spot for film, and obviously film is what I love. So being here cold not be a cooler experience."

For director Mark Hannah, Old Tucson is almost like a mecca for movies.

"Here we are at Old Tucson today which to me, I grew up watching John Wayne and Paul Newman movies and the TV series, for me this is like a heritage site."

"The Faith Club" is being produced by Tucson native Chuck Williams at Avondale Pictures. A graduate of Rincon High School, Williams, now a Hollywood-producer, works hard to bring motion pictures back to the Old Pueblo. He says "The Faith Club" is set for release in November and will be shown at several cities including Tucson.

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