Judge denies request to delay Watson sentencing

Judge denies request to delay Watson sentencing

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A judge has denied the defense request to delay sentencing for David Watson, the former Tucson Fire Captain found guilty of killing his ex-wife, her mother and her mother's friend.

Watson's attorneys have also filed a motion for a new trial and that will be heard Monday, April 17. If that requested is denied, Watson will be sentenced immediately afterwards.

Watson was found guilty on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder. As this was not a death peanlty case, he is likely facing life in prison.

Watson's co-counsel Natasha Wrae has said there were multiple reasons for requesting a news trial, including the weight of the evidence not supporting conviction, misconduct by the prosecutors and the defendant not being provided a fair and impartial jury trial.


• Aug. 20, 2000: Linda Watson disappears.

• May 7, 2003: Marilyn Cox and Renee Farnsworth shot and killed on the northwest side of Tucson.

• October 2003: Body found in the desert near Silverbell Mine area, but authorities are not able to identify.

• 2011: Body found in the desert identified as Linda Watson.

• April 25, 2015: David Watson arrested on murder charges.

• October 2016: David Watson's first murder trial begins.

• November 2016: David Watson's first murder trial ends with hung jury.

• January 2017: David Watson's second murder trial begins.

• March 2017: David Watson's found guilty on all counts.

• April 17, 2017: Watson scheduled to be sentenced.


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In this situation, a hearing would be scheduled for the defense to present its case and the judge would decide if a new trial is warranted.

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