KOLD HEROES: Help on four hooves

KOLD HEROES: Help on four hooves

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - They are about the most magical creatures a child could see, especially in the hospital.

"We have all kinds of reaction," said Jamie Antrim.

Antrim is the Child Life Assistant at Tucson Medical Center.

She said kids can't believe when they see mini-horses Chancy and Buddy walking down the halls of the hospital and right into their rooms.

Buddy and Chancy may be small but they are real and it is their job to bring smiles to the faces of children who are sick and staying at the hospital.

They are part of Nancie Roahrig's organization called Step Up into T.L.C.  She takes her horses to hospitals to see children, to visit the elderly in homes and also people in Hospice.

She started it when one of her friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer and the family spent much of their time in the hospital.

"Her daughter was 16 and she loved horses," Roahrig said. "She said if somebody had brought a horse to the hospital it could have made her life… much more quality I have said I have given up careers for it, for what it does for people and I get kind of emotional about it too.  I love horses and what they can do for people.

Annie Brett, a retired nurse who works alongside Roahrig, said horses have the power to heal.

"Horses are very calming," she said. "They are such gentle creatures for the size of them and what they can do. They feel that immediately. That is something wonderful."

Brett sees children's reaction first hand.

"They light up," Brett said. "Everything changes for them and everything that is happening fades away."

Roahrig said it tugs at her heart strings to see people transformed by just touching them or feeling them. She said horses are the heroes because she sees it every day.

"It's little miracles we see along the line," she said.

If you would like to learn more about Nancie Roahrig's organization "Step Up to T.LC." go to www.stepuptlc.org.

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